Katy Perry: Days Away from Welcoming a Daughter!

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Katy Perry has always been an “open book” to her fans. She has openly discussed her battle with alcohol and suicidal thoughts.

Raised as Katherine Elizabeth Hudson by two Pentecostal pastors, she felt she was raised in a bubble and shielded too much from the world.

She explains how this sheltering would only fuel her feelings of “missing out on something in life”. Perry began to experience a lot of curiosity and her talent for singing proved to be her way out.

Perry left high school in her freshman year and headed to Nashville. She rose to fame with her second album One of the Boys.

Only two years after the release of that album, she married Russell Brand in 2010. When the marriage ended in divorce, she began to use alcohol, like so many others, to numb the pain.

She has shared how she had to use alcohol when she had someplace she needed to go. “I would have to have a couple of drinks to go somewhere”.

The singer found therapy to be a light during the dark times in her life. Her new record Smile (out Aug. 28) is inspired by the hope and joy she found after surviving a life-altering battle with depression over the past several years. She states, “being pregnant in a pandemic is an emotional roller coaster.”

The Corona Virus pandemic forced Perry and her fiancé Orlando Bloom to cancel their summer destination wedding. She jokes that 2020 is not a good year for “control freaks and I’m a bit of a control freak!”

Perry has learned to let go of her need for control. “Finding gratitude in this pain has been a real journey, but the outcome is worth it.”

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