Miley Cyrus affirms she’s 6 Months Sober

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The actress and musician Miley Cyrus rose to incredible fame with her hit Disney channel show (Hannah Montana) and later with her wildly successful music career.

At only 27 years old, Miley often sparks controversy with her personal life and public image choices that often bring negative media coverage.

Last November, Miley Cyrus had vocal cord surgery. The singer explains she had to be sober for the surgery. Cyrus recently revealed that she has fully embraced the healthy mindset and positive change that took place during her recovery from surgery.

The vocal rest she was placed on for several weeks kept her quiet but also allowed her to decompress and spend time doing an exercise she loves – pilates.

Dating Cody Simpson since October, she has a great support system in her new boyfriend. Her pop star mate is all about clean living! Though they got together quickly, both musicians say they “understand each other’s lifestyles”.

Taking the relationship day by day, and documenting it on social media, the pair recently got matching tattoos.

She has admitted to making some regretful decisions when she wasn’t sober and reportedly enjoys the positive feeling of “waking up 100 percent”. Cyrus has said that the choices she made though “not the finest” have gotten her to where she is today.

A more mature Miley is leaning into the “at home” lifestyle. The Tennessee native mentioned that social distancing has actually made her feel “at peace and fulfilled”.


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