Shannon Beador Looking Into Treatment Centers Following Her DUI

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Aside from helping fix the property damage, she’s also looking into treatment options but hasn’t nailed down a decision yet. Sources say this whole ordeal is still very fresh to her, but she really wants to get the help she thinks she needs.

Footage obtained from Shannon’s alleged drunken night showed her zipping around a neighborhood before crashing into the side of the property.

According to the homeowner…

“What they said was someone hit your house and they were able to locate the suspect because they followed automobile fluid,” the tenant explained. “There was a clear trail of it and it’s still outside of our house.”

Beador’s ex-boyfriend — who she split from after four years of dating — lives only a few houses down from where the accident took place, according to the tenant. The resident further claimed that there is talk among the neighbors that Beador was visiting him (Janssen, 59), the night of the crash as some allegedly “heard them screaming at each other”. Beador was later seen with Janessen  Tuesday September 19, three days after her arrest.

She was also caught because officers later found her pretending to walk her dog, and she was and booked for 2 misdemeanors — hit-and-run and DUI alcohol.


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