Kristin Davis Chose Acting over Drinking

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Fans of the iconic TV series “Sex and the City” will definitely know the name, Kristin Davis. Winning an Emmy for her portrayal of Charlotte, and appearing on Broadway are a few of the acting accomplishments of Davis.

Kristin Davis has explained how her career helped her stay on track and battle her problem with drinking alcohol. She has been open about the struggle that led her to make a choice between acting and alcoholism.

Davis is adamant that acting is her passion and her drinking posed a threat to that passion. After realizing that she couldn’t show up to acting classes with major hangovers and still perform at her best, she made a choice.

Davis did a short stint in rehab and has been sober ever since. Even though she has been sober for more than twenty years, she still keeps herself on alert when it comes to drinking.

She has admitted that, while being out with friends who are having a delicious-looking glass of red wine is tempting, she knows a relapse can occur at any time. According to Davis, “it’s really not worth the risk”.

Davis first began drinking when she was a teenager growing up in the South. She felt awkward and insecure, and as she put it, “kind of shy”. She felt the alcohol helped, one thing led to another, and she was drinking.

She’s thankful she didn’t have to go through her battle in the public eye. Davis knows that being a public figure with a private problem is overwhelming. Getting sober before her acting career even began is something Davis is extremely grateful for.

Pre-filming anxiety is enough. Adding alcohol in order to dull your senses is absolutely a career-killer!




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