Jason Biggs – Encouraging Others with His Sobriety

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Jason Biggs has been in the spotlight since he was just a boy. Biggs first appeared in commercials at the age of five however, his break-out role came in 1999, with the cult-classic “American Pie”. Following the movie’s popularity, Biggs’ pop-culture status was born!

More recently you could catch Jason Biggs playing the husband of an inmate in another wildly popular show, the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black”.

Today, Biggs plays a father of four in a sitcom called “Outmatched”. The creator is reportedly a father himself and can find the humor and the unique challenges in raising kids.

In 2018, Biggs revealed he had been plagued with what he called “an obsession with booze and drugs”. Biggs disclosed he tried to get clean in 2013 but was unsuccessful. With a thriving career, a happy marriage, and healthy kids, this proves that the disease can grab hold of, and try to destroy anyone.

To Biggs’ credit, he has been very open about his struggle. After achieving that first year of sobriety, he proudly posted a photo of an Alcoholics Anonymous silver coin that reads “To thine own self be true”. He also admitted what a huge uphill battle he faced (and still faces).

The actor encourages others who are battling addiction and implores them to “not give up”. The star also wrote, “Don’t be ashamed”.

Biggs’ wife Jenny Mollen honors her husband’s hard work. Married for 12 years with two kids together, Mollen (an influencer and writer) is Biggs’ greatest ally in the fight to stay sober.

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