David Arquette’s Near Death Experience

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After he nearly died from a savage wrestling match, David Arquette turned his life around. “My back, my knees, my neck – everything hurts to a certain degree,” says Arquette.

He points out that professional wrestling might be scripted, but it is very real. He has the injuries to prove it!

In addition to a problem with alcohol, Arquette admits he oftentimes sought out the physical pain brought on by wrestling to numb the pain of rejection and loss suffered in his life.

“I just wanted to feel pain in order to numb pain” he states. After the horrible “deathmatch” that almost cost him his life, the star had to make some different life choices.

He has a new documentary out August 28th called “You Cannot Kill David Arquette”. It follows his wrestling career and highlights the pain he held onto for a long time.

Arquette first entered rehab for alcohol abuse in 2011. He had gone through a painful divorce from Courtney Cox in 2013. In 2016, he went through another painful event with the death of his sibling Alexis.

Alexis was a transgender woman who towards the end of his life requested to be referred to as a man. He died from complications of AIDS.

By 2018 Arquette was drinking and smoking again. He was also overweight and began training for pro-wrestling matches that were often vicious.

Married in 2015 to wife Christina, Arquette had his wife’s blessing to compete. However, in the competition match with Pro Nick Gage, Arquette was accidentally stabbed in the neck, an injury that almost killed him.

“There was a carefree, daredevil aspect to the way I lived my life previously”, Arquette says. Thanks to therapy the actor no longer drinks and has plans not to return to wrestling. He says he is most proud of his family (he has three kids) and finally feels love and peace for himself.


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