Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears Argue over Jamie Lynn’s Memoir

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Jamie Lynn Spears a new memoir out called Things I Should Have Said. She adamantly claims it is not about her sister. However, it’s hard to ignore the timing of the tell-all book. It hit shelves this week on the heels of Britney’s extremely publicized conservatorship battle. Britney’s recent statements about her 13-year conservatorship reveal how little control she had over her life or finances. The Spears family has been made famous, with Britney going as far as to say that they should “all be in jail” for what they did to her.

The timing, it appears, did not go unnoticed by Britney. After Jamie Lynn promoted the book on Good Morning America, Britney accused her of using her conservatorship problems to sell books. She sent her a court order citing “misleading” and “derogatory” comments. Jamie Lynn said she wrote the memoir to “honor her voice” and speak to the “pain” she feels “because that matters.”

The book outlined that she faced pain. According to Jamie Lynn, her father’s alcoholism clouded over their family life, while she and her mother, Lynn, used to fight regularly. Things got bad enough that she says she considered child emancipation.

She says that Jamie and Lynn both loved the attention that came with having famous children. She also says the “power struggle” between the two parents became more intense as their daughters became more successful. “We were a tight-knit family torn apart by money, distorted truths, and undisclosed personal issues,” she discloses in the book.


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