Johnny Depp Tells Court His Alcohol and Drug Problem Does Not Make Him a Violent Person

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The Pirates of the Caribbean actor recalled how everything came crashing down in his life at once. Depp divorced his wife Amber Heard in 2017. He is now suing the UK publication The Sun over using the term “wife-beater” to describe him.

While Depp admits to heavy drinking, drug-using, and trashing hotel rooms, he denies allegations by his former wife Amber that he had been violent towards her on multiple occasions.

At the time of the divorce, he was dealing with the death of his mother, Betty Sue, who died from cancer that same year.

In an interview, Depp told Rolling Stone Magazine: “I was as low as I think I could have gotten”.

Due to the pain from the divorce, his mother’s death, and a lawsuit he was forced to file against his management company for breach of fiduciary duty, the actor’s longtime drug and drinking problem was magnified to a dangerous level.

Depp described pouring himself vodka first thing in the morning to deal with his personal and financial pain. He also went on tour with his band The Hollywood Vampires and began writing a memoir, which helped.

He addressed a claim made by the management company that he spent $30,000 a month on wine by saying “it was far more”.

The publishers of The Sun are determined to demonstrate that “their description of Mr. Depp is entirely accurate and truthful”.

The actor admits taking his mother’s “nerve pills” at the age of 11, and says that by the age of 14 he had “done every kind of drug there was”. However, Depp says drinking and drug-taking to excess doesn’t mean you are out of control and that you are a violent person.




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