Tiger Wood’s Car Crash – New Questions

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On February 23rd, Tiger Woods was injured in a roll-over crash near Los Angeles that shattered his leg and left unclear the golfer’s future.

“A cause has not been determined and the investigation has concluded”. (This is according to the LA county sheriff on March 31st). But there is a mystery surrounding the investigation because the sheriff – Alex Villanueva – also said that “there are privacy issues on releasing information on the investigation. We can’t release it without permission from the people involved in the collision”.

The announcement, of course, raised many concerns. Some experts have questioned whether this means there are health issues that are protected through privacy laws. Others want to know why Woods was not tested for drugs and alcohol at the scene.

Police have said they saw no reason to test Woods, 45, at the scene of the accident. He was traveling downhill when he lost control of his luxury SUV. After the crash, the golfer was understandably dazed and told authorities he couldn’t remember being behind the wheel.

An insider says Woods, who spent time in rehab after his 2017 DUI for prescription pain killers, has said he pays no attention to the speculation about the crash. He is instead focused on his recovery.

“He wants to get back on tour at some point”, says a friend. He is focused and “happy to be at home”. Woods has a lot of rehabilitation in front of him, but he has set his mind to healing and recovery.




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