Danniella Westbrook Shuts Down Remarks from TV Show About Her Drug Addiction

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Daniella Westbrook states that Gogglebox had recently made “cruel” comments regarding her looks and her drug addiction. As a former EastEnders star, she is well known throughout the celebrity world. She even went as far as going to the news channels to talk about what they had done and is saying that she is looking to press charges. She is currently working with a number of lawyers to do so.

She states that they had made derogatory remarks about her nose. She is furious over the jokes that were made at her expense, and she believes that those who have said them should be punished for their words.

The Siddiqui family was the one who joked about the star due to her nose collapsing at the height of the addiction to cocaine that she had back in the 1990s. Many people know her because of this. They were asking each other if they’d rather have one giant nostril or one giant eye. They then went on to say that having one eye would make them look like a cyclops, but one nostril would make them look like Daniella Westbrook.

Daniella then saw the clips that aired that night and was furious that the producers allowed this content to air. She then went on to state that these types of remarks should not be allowed to be aired to the public, as they are harmful not only to her but also to her family who had to go through this rough time in the past.

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