The Superstar Pink Talks about Finding “True Happiness”

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Singer Pink opens up about her drug-filled past along with 15-year marriage, raising kids, and her two decades of fame.” I’m pretty normal in a weird way”, says the rocker.

She talks about the challenges of bringing her kids on the road and has even written a “playbook” of how to travel with kids.

Pink indeed shocked the world when she first talked about her past and the admission that she spent her teenage years selling hard drugs like crystal meth and ecstasy.

When Pink played an addict in a film alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, Thanks for Sharing, she opened up about her addiction that lasted from age 12-15. “I understand addiction because I was a hard-core partier”. I was a candy raver and I was on all the club drugs”.

The obvious happened when at the age of 15 (in 1995) Pink had to be rushed to the hospital due to an almost fatal overdose. “I was the pariah of my school and the shameful specimen of my disjointed family. I was lucky to survive, and since then I never touched drugs”.

She has said that she blames her parent’s divorce for that lifestyle. They didn’t know exactly where she was and what she was doing because she was “shuttled between homes”.

Pink has hopes to “not completely screw up my kids, make music that is, and be there for my parents as they age”. She goes on to say that it is “magical what I get to do, and who I get to be in this life”.


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