Stanley Tucci – An Instagram Hit at 60

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Stanley Tucci, the acclaimed actor, has starred in everything from The Devil Wears Prada to The Hunger Games. As he talks about becoming an Instagram viral sensation at age 60 and his new film SuperNova (on-demand February 16th), it’s his role in – In Too Deep (a movie that deals with a world of addiction) that prompts his following remarks…

Reflecting on his movies, Tucci calls In Too Deep a movie that doesn’t necessarily break new ground, but in the age of streaming classic movies like Donnie Brasco and Apocalypse Now, this one deserves a mention.

Playing the head of a narcotics unit, Tucci’s character hires an undercover cop who quickly learns that the drug underworld is not easy. After being sent to a farmhouse to re-group, the cop heads back to the drug world that is more ugly and violent than ever.

Tucci himself has become an Instagram sensation through his cocktail-making videos. “Surprised isn’t the word,” he says of the responses he’s getting.

In the upcoming movie Supernova, Tucci’s friend Colin Firth stars alongside him.  “He is one of my best friends and during filming, he would come over and cook dinner for us almost every night. We never tire of each other’s company”. The movie is about a couple dealing with a dementia diagnosis. The movie, Tucci says, “was a wonderful experience. When you know somebody really well, filming is really fun”.




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