Ludacris Gets Real

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Ludacris, the 43-year-old rapper and actor (born Christopher Bridges) talks about his love of being a “girl dad” and talks about being sober for more than 7 years. In his famous song “Vices”, he sums up his “vices” that included “liquor, women, and weed”.

“Some people like the drink/some people like to smoke/some people like overthink/some people overdose/I’m just trying to get the nicest/bottles on ices/to pull some all-nighters” are a few of the lyrics.

He shot to fame after releasing his major-label debut studio album Back for the First Time in 2001. His hits included Southern Hospitality and What’s your fantasy.

Today, however, he says this about marriage and fatherhood, “once you have kids, your outlook on life changes, You realize you have to educate the next generation”. In June 2020, he launched KidNation, an online platform educating kids on various topics. The topics include anything from health to current events all filled with catchy songs. He says the songs must be approved by his daughters.

He also has a new Netflix series coming out in the fall. It’s an animated series called Karma’s World – named for his oldest daughter.

Ludacris married his wife Eudoxie, in 2014 and they are expecting a baby. They’re keeping the sex of the baby a secret for now. “Whatever the Most High wants to give us is what I’m going to be happiest with”.

He has a lot of shows lined up this Summer that started with a live crowd in Miami this past May. As for now, he says, I’m loving every minute of fatherhood” and waiting for baby number 4!

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