Actress Linsey Godfrey – Determined to Reduce the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

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Linsey Godfrey is a beloved Days of our Lives actress. She knew she “wasn’t ok”, but she was actually offended when she received her diagnosis – borderpolar  – in 2019. She says, “I looked at my therapist and was like, so I’m chemically imbalanced and there’s something wrong with my personality?”

After the shock of that day wore off, she began to realize that having the diagnosis would change her life for the better. “I had been struggling for so long”, she says. Severe depression and anxiety were part of her life for as long as she could remember. Receiving the unusual-sounding medical explanation allowed her to become healthy and happy now at the age of 33, thanks to Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), medication, and the support of friends and family.

Borderpolar incorporates both a mood disorder (bipolar) and a personality one (borderline personality disorder).

Godfrey now works to make sure people in the same situation do not feel alone. She got up the courage to reveal her secret on social media. “It was nerve-racking and I genuinely thought I would never work again”. But as soon as she did, someone commented, “thank you”, and it was worth it. All because that person knew they were not alone in their struggle.

Doctors say once you can find the right medication and utilize good therapy, you can thrive both professionally and personally. Godfrey agrees. She has said that she sought treatment because of her young daughter after telling her own mother, “if I didn’t have my daughter, I wouldn’t be here right now”.


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