Kanye’s New Video has Kim Kardashian “Furious”

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Some say Kanye West may have gone too far with his latest video. Kanye has dealt with bipolar issues and other mental health struggles throughout his marriage with Kardashian – which officially ended on March 2nd. His new video is called “Eazy” and depicts Kim’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson as being buried alive.

“Kim is furious over the video”, a source said. Kim filed for divorce from West in February 2021 after seven years of marriage. She has been dating Pete Davidson since October. West has made many rude comments about Davidson on social media, even prompting some of his fans to harass Davidson online.

“Kim is so over all of this”, says a friend, and she “just wants it to stop”. Pete Davidson is a regular on Saturday Night Live and is a popular comedian. He’s apparently gotten a tattoo that says “my girl is a lawyer”, in honor of Kardashian. He says “it’s not actually a tattoo, it’s more like a branding”.

In West’s “Eazy” video a lookalike of Davidson is kidnapped and then buried alive. West has said, “Art is not a proxy for any ill or harm”. Kim reportedly said, “that is not enough”. Kardashian shares four kids with West (44) and repeatedly tried to get him help during their marriage. “She thinks this is way too violent and is shocked that Kanye would do this”, says a source close to her.

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder in which periods of depression turn into periods of abnormally-elevated happiness that lasts for days or weeks. Other mental health issues like anxiety often arise as an association as well as substance use disorders.


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