Valerie Bertinelli Began 2022 Tying Her Self-Worth to Her Weight – Like Every Other Year

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Valerie Bertinelli, actress, Food Network star, and onetime Jenny Craig spokesperson, says she often felt like the “most famous dieter in America”.

In her new memoir, Enough Already, she describes the wake-up call that happened after the devastating loss of her first love and ex-husband, Eddie Van Halen.

She talks about their devotion to one another through their divorce, remarriages, and his terrible last days. “The goal is to live life at the moment”, she said, “not according to the scale”.

Eddie Van Halen partied like the rock star he was when he and Bertinelli married. He went to rehab multiple times and was sober the last five years of his life.

Bertinelli talks about the wisdom she gained in Eddie’s last days about the road to life’s happiness. She recently made the “painful” decision to end her marriage of 11 years to Tom Vitale.

She remembers the love that endured between her and Eddie Van Halen. They stopped living together in 2002 and divorced in 2007. She describes their ongoing relationship as one of love, frustration, pain, friendship, but most importantly  – love. She also says that were it not for Eddie’s drinking and use of drugs, she is convinced they would have stayed together.

She says they got along very well when he was sober. Also, she points out, after they split, they actually grew closer than ever before.

Today Bertinelli says she has no idea how much she weighs and has no intention of getting on a scale. She says she is finally ready to embrace herself as joyful and happy.


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