Demi Moore’s Recent Tell-All Memoir: “Inside Out”

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Demi Moore, 57, had been sober for two decades before her relapse that culminated with Moore suffering a seizure in 2012 at a party. The seizure was brought on by smoking synthetic cannabis and inhaling nitrous oxide.

Her daughter Rumor was there and was “panicking”. Her daughters Tallulah, Scout, and Rumor, with ex-husband Bruce Willis, stopped speaking to Moore for three years.

Now her daughters are opening up about how their mother’s struggles with addiction affected them. It has taken their relationship years to heal.

On an episode of Facebook Watch Red Table Talk in late 2019, Rumor, 31, and Tallulah, 25, along with their mom, discussed watching her alcohol and drug abuse during her marriage to Ashton Kutcher (now 41).

Moore had wanted to have a baby with Kutcher and it wasn’t working out that way. Rumor describes her feelings by saying, “oh well, we’re not enough”.

In 2005 Moore suffered a miscarriage 6 months into her pregnancy. She writes that the loss left her “empty, lost and confused”.

When Moore finally got sober and started therapy, she was able to be a mother to her daughters again. (Tallulah also went to rehab in 2014 for drug use.) Friends say she has done a “great job of recovery”.

Moore is close to her ex-husband, Bruce Willis, but not to Kutcher. She claims that Kutcher questioned whether alcoholism was real or not. Kutcher has not commented but some say he is not happy with the memoir, however, he “pretty much ignores it.”



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