David Dastmalchian Speaks at Recovery Rallies about his Darkness in Addiction

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David Dastmalchian, a talented actor known for his roles in films such as “Ant-Man” and “Prisoners,” recently opened up about his personal struggles with addiction. In a brave and candid statement, Dastmalchian shared his experiences, shedding light on the realities of addiction and the importance of seeking help. He said he had fooled himself at the start of his career because he “was only using heroin one day a week, on Saturday”, so he must be fine.

“The rest of the week it was fine, it was pot and it was booze and on Saturday I had my Dope”. “Before you know it he said his thoughts “were filled with shame and then on Saturdays those thoughts weren’t there so that is how I thought he was meant to feel.” So as time went on he added in a “Wednesday and then added another Wednesday, a Thursday, Friday and Saturday”. All this happened while he was in college. He believed he would succeed at this lifestyle. He speaks about this at recovery rallies.

After college graduation, he had many TV offers and great jobs lined up. He says in a matter of months, he was homeless, had no phone, calling family with lies in order to get money. Then within 6 months, he was completely alone, stealing, and doing anything it took to get his drugs.

He says the “mental imbalance” took over and the only thing that numbed it was getting high when he wasn’t high, he was depressed about his life and that he was a “black mark” on his family, and society.

He explains that he woke up very early in the morning in order to “cop my dope”, going into some of the most dangerous parts of Chicago and experiencing the most “dangerous situations” in order to do so.

Dastmalchian’s decision to speak out about his addictions is commendable, as it helps to break down the stigma surrounding mental health issues and addiction. By sharing his story, he not only raises awareness but also provides hope and inspiration to others who may be facing similar challenges.




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