Avril Lavigne and Tyga – A Random Couple or A Hot Mess?

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Avril Lavigne and Tyga and clearly into one another considering all the PDA they are showing lately. As noted on this platform at the time of Lavigne’s divorce from Chad Kroger years ago, the buzz was that she had been in rehab for substance abuse and depression. It was also reported she had unknown medical issues. Speculation was that those came from extreme parting. However, she definitely turned her life around and considering her track record, will continue to do so.

About Tyga and Lavigne, “They’re still not exclusive and just getting to know each other. They’re taking things very slowly to be on the safe side and really get to know each other before diving into something serious,” a source adds.”But they are spending a lot of time together,” they add, noting that Tyga will be focused on his career soon. “He’s about to get locked in working on new music.”

In an image of an $80,000 necklace shared on Instagram, that Tyga bought for Avril, the piece can be seen with several pendants on it, including two of the letter “A” written over a pink heart, as well as two skulls and crossbones accessorized with pink ribbons. Avril’s first name can be seen on the front of the necklace.

A quick note on Tyga’s exes: The rapper was accused of domestic violence by his ex, Camaryn Swanson, in 2021. He denied the allegations and did not get criminally charged.

Interstingly, a viral tiktok with 3 million views documents the strangeness of the relationship. Here is just one of the connections mentioned in the breakdown where they are all involved with the Kardashians: “Let’s go back to Tyga. He married a woman named Jordan Craig in 2010 and filed for divorce a month after their wedding. Jordan is also the mother of Tristan Thompson’s eldest child. Tristan has two children with Khloé Kardashian”.

And the list goes on…

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