Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Relapses, Enters Rehab

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Lead singer for the world-famous 70’s rock and roll band Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, has reentered rehab as of May 2022.

Tyler, familiar with rehabilitation, has struggled with drug abuse since the late 70s, along with band member and lead guitarist Joe Perry. The two rockers became heavily involved in high-dosage stimulants, as well as heroin. The constant use of drugs on and off stage, as well as living and touring together, led to a number of struggles with the band; Joe Perry left Aerosmith in 1979 with Brad Whitford, co-lead guitarists, who left in 1981.

In 1984 Aerosmith, after the reconnection of the band, hosted an intervention for Tyler and entered him into rehab for the first time. By the mid-’80s, every band member had completed treatment. The band continued to rise to stardom and thrived through the late 80s, all the way through the 2000s, still producing music.

Tyler voluntarily entered rehab after 10 years of sobriety. Although heroin has been long out of the frame for Tyler, recent surgery prescribed him painkillers. The severity of his health wasn’t nearly as dangerous as it was in the 70s and 80s, but Tyler, having rehabilitated previously, decided professional treatment would be best for his recovery all around. Angeline Sicily wrote about his rehabilitation in an article posted on Music Times. Sicily explains Tyler’s commitment to his abstinence, writing, “After foot surgery to prepare for the stage and the necessity of pain management during the process, he has recently relapsed and voluntarily entered a treatment program to concentrate on his health and recovery.” Tyler has completed his treatment as of May, after staying an extended period to ensure a full recovery.

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