Avril Lavigne Speaks on Drug Use

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Avril Lavigne has a new album coming out that returns to her punk-rock roots. Its also her first since 2019. Blink -182 drummer and genre stalwart Travis Barker lends a production hand on several tracks.

Lavigne has slammed celebrities who take illegal drugs. The singer has a strong dislike for illegal substances and claims to never have used them herself. “I’m proud to say that I do not like drugs and I am against them 100%. I don’t hang out with people who use drugs”, she says. “That’s how I go about things. I do what I do and I take the steps I am going to take and I don’t worry about other people. I don’t think anyone should go through life that way.”

Lavigne began her music career at the age of 16. She earned the title of “punk rock queen” from her music and paved the way for female-driven, punk-influenced, pop music in the 2000’s.

She is known for holding true to herself in the business, for example, she has turned down what she called some “gorgeous” publicity shots because they “just weren’t me”.

She has been the subject of an odd conspiracy theory in which she committed suicide in 2003 only to be replaced by a body double who had previously been recruited to distract paparazzi.



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