John Mulaney Filmed Seth Meyers Skit Prior to Entering Rehab

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Comedian John Mulhaney showed signs of very strange behavior during a skit he performed with Seth Meyers weeks before he checked into rehab.

Due to an alleged relapse consisting of alcohol and cocaine abuse, the former Saturday Night Live writer was said to be out of his mind while filming the skit.

The bizarre appearance began with Mulhaney wearing dark glasses and calling Prince Harry a “dumb ginger” and Meghan Markle a “silly goose”.

The Late Night clip posted on YouTube on Novemember 24, shows Mulhaney, who hosts a fake “Royal Watch: News from the real-life Crown”, wearing a rumpled, oversized coat. He brought up the death of Princess Diana, then took off the glasses to reveal dark, blurry eyes and then made additional bad remarks about the Queen, Harry and Meghan.

A source says that Mulhaney has a tight inner circle of friends and is leaning on them for encouragement. These include SNL creator Lorne Michaels and fellow comic Pete Davidson. “Mulhaney is like an older brother to them – they always tour together” says a source.

After learning of his going to rehab last week, fans expressed concerns over another segment posted on YouTube weeks ago. Supposedly he was investigated by the secret service over a joke that he says was “not about Trump”.

The 38 year-old comedian entered a rehab facility in Pennsylvania. He’s been open about his past struggles with sobriety and reportedly struggled again during the pandemic.

Mulhaney has revealed that he started drinking at the age of 13.



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