Anchorman Star David Koechner’s Recent DUI Arrest

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Anchorman star David Koechner’s recent DUI arrest has his estranged wife worried for the safety of their kids – and she’s asking the court to put limitations in place to protect them. (Koechner is also known for his role as Todd Packer on NBC’s The Office.)

Leigh Morgan Koechner filed documents recently in Los Angeles asking for Koechner’s visitation with their children to be suspended and for “safeguards to be put in place to ensure (Koechner’s) sobriety”.

What safeguards are included? Leigh requests the actor submit to drug testing as well as use a Soberlink device to monitor alcohol consumption. A Soberlink device is a portable professional-grade breathalyzer with wireless connectivity. Built-in safeguards include facial recognition software to ensure that only the person to be tested can use the device.

Koechner was arrested around 3 am in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve. Law enforcement said he had two flat tires when he was pulled over and blew a .13 in the field and a .12 back at the station. He was also suspected of hit-and-run and was released the following morning with a court date set for March.

Koechner is fighting Leigh’s visitation request, stating none of the children were in the car at the time of the arrest and claiming he has driven the couple’s kids – with Leigh’s knowledge – since the incident.

Koechner also says he is working on his sobriety with the help of professionals. He filed for divorce from Leigh in January 2020. They married in 1998 and have five kids together.



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