Dean McDermott – Husband Of Tori Spelling – “Its Complicated”

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Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling, daughter of Aaron Spelling, were both married to other people when their relationship began on the set of a TV movie, Mind over Murder. They fell in love, ended their marriages, and became husband and wife in 2006, 10 months after meeting.

McDermott has always struggled with what he calls “addictive characteristics”. He says this is partly to blame for his actions that were the “traps any alcoholic or addict knows”. He refers to the delusions the disease creates for those who struggle with substance abuse. He says, “that’s how the alcoholic mind works and thinks. You have a couple of cocktails, do a couple of lines…then cut to the sunrise. It just never works out that way”.

The actions of infidelity by McDermott during his marriage have caused major trust issues for Spelling. For a while, the couple appeared solid. However, it has come to light that there are major issues that were never fully dealt with.

Spelling,28, and McDermott, 55, have been open about their relationship, sharing much of their ups and downs on reality TV and on social media. But lately, Spelling has been posting photos of herself and their 5 children while McDermott is noticeably absent.

“Its been very chilly between them”, according to a source close to the couple. The couple has been married for 15 years. Seven years into the marriage is when McDermott cheated on his wife. He spoke about the incident saying, : I have a brain that wants to kill me. I have a brain that wants me dead”. He also says that his bad choices had him drinking and using until he checked into rehab.

A friend of Tori’s has been noted as saying. “She’s a great mom. She works really hard. She’s determined to come out of this okay”.

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