Quality Control’s Bankroll Freddie Arrested in Drug Trafficking Bust

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Quality Control’s own Freddie Gladney, better known as rapper Bankroll Freddie, has been arrested last Wednesday on multiple firearm and drug charges. The Arkansas rapper, including the involvement of around 45 other individuals (around 30 more wanted suspects of the crime), was hit with a 61-count charge. Of these 45 convicts, Freddie’s father was one.

The accusations date back to March 2021 when alleged cannabis and cocaine trafficking began. The operation came to a halt as arrests were made. However, the 61-count charge didn’t stop at drug trafficking. Freddie was also hit with multiple weapons charges. A Micro Draco AK-47 style pistol and a Polymer80 9 Glock clone handgun, along with 21 pounds of weed, were found in Freddie’s vehicle. The rapper’s vehicle was searched as a result of speeding. Police reportedly confiscated over a hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry and cash in addition from the over three dozen arrestees.

Freddie was hit with no less than 11 charges, both drug and gun-related: possession of cocaine, possession of crack cocaine, possession of marijuana, two counts of intent to distribute marijuana, knowingly and intentionally possessing firearms, three counts of providing false or fictitious information on a gun purchase form, using guns for gun trafficking, using a telephone to traffic drugs and knowingly possessing one or more machine guns.

Freddie’s father was only hit with 5 charges, all drug-related: possession of cocaine, possession of crack cocaine, possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, and use of a telephone to traffic drugs.

A judge later determined that the Quality Control artist would be given “…every incentive to comply with his release conditions,” based on his clean record. Conditions include disassociation from felons, maintaining a curfew, and refraining from smoking and drinking.


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