‘Empire’ Star Arrested, Allegedly Beats Woman

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Bryshere Grey, also known as Hakeem Lyon in FOX’s hit drama series Empire,’ has been arrested. Reports state the 28-year-old was hit with a probation violation after the incident.

Gray has had multiple incidents with police in recent months, including one domestic disturbance call in October. Since he failed to tell his probation officer about these incidents, he’s been arrested for a probation violation. Grey’s probation started after a domestic abuse charge in July 2020. Grey’s wife had flagged down a citizen for help, claiming she had been abused for hours in her home by the former actor. After a SWAT standoff at Grey’s home, he was additionally ordered to pay restitution and enroll in a domestic violence offender treatment program. Other charges related to the incident in 2020 were dropped. In 2021, Grey was charged with felony aggravated assault after pleading guilty, and was sentenced to 10 days in county jail and 3 months probation.

The most recent incident with Grey involved him and an unnamed woman. The female called the Maricopa, AZ police, stating that Grey had thrown a box of food at her, was violently yanking her hair, and screaming at her. She told police his “behavior had escalated quickly” and she was “concerned for her safety.”

Further details will shed light as the ongoing case is pending.


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