A New Documentary Reveals New Details Surrounding the Mysterious Death of Brittany Murphy

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Brittany Murphy, a beloved Hollywood actress and once a rising star, lost her life at age 32. In February of 2010, a coroner’s report concluded that Murphy died for untreated pneumonia, anemia, and drug intoxication.

No illegal drugs were found in her system but a large number of pill bottles were found in her home under Murphy’s name, her husband’s name, and the false name of Lola Manilow. She did have multiple over-the-counter medications including pain killers and cold medicine in her system at the time of her death. Mysteries have always lingered around her death. Her husband, Simon Monjack, died just five months later.

The new documentary is called, “What happened, Brittany Murphy?” and airs  October 14th on HBO Max. Monjack’s past is investigated and is at the very least, shady. As an individual who was great at conning people, chilling details have emerged about Brittany’s husband. Monjack’s former finance is interviewed and appears in the documentary.

It’s safe to say that Murphy was 100% manipulated emotionally by her husband. He constantly watched her weight and made comments about it. Also at the forefront of the story is the fact that Murphy did not get the medical attention that could’ve saved her life. Interestingly enough, Monjacks former fiance had a similar experience. She became severely ill, yet he refused to take her to the hospital until a friend intervened.

A forensic pathologist that worked on Murphys case has said, “It’s fascinating that a young affluent adult woman who could afford the best medical treatment did not receive it”.

Apparently, those who encountered Muphy and Monjack in her last months knew something was wrong. Sadly, her career began to falter and her health went downhill. Brittany’s biological father claims toxic metals were found in her system. Her mother cited mold in the house. The drugs in her system were not at a lethal level. Maybe the new documentary can shed some light as new details emerge. Meanwhile, the world still mourns the loss of a beautiful talented young star.



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