What Role did Drugs Play in the Death of Cash App Executive Bob Lee?

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Slain Cash App tech executive Bob Lee visited a suspected drug dealer’s apartment with the sister of his alleged killer just hours before his violent death, reported by multiple news sources.

What may have happened inside the apartment that day could end up playing a key role in the nationally watched murder case against Nima Momeni, 38, who allegedly stabbed Lee to death with a kitchen knife on April 4th this year.
Prosecutors say Momeni questioned Lee about whether his sister, Khazar Momeni, was doing drugs or “anything inappropriate” after she left the apartment on Mission Street near Van Ness Avenue on April 3.
The apartment is home to a man convicted last year of felony possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell. Police previously arrested him for allegedly having a range of substances including meth, cocaine, ecstasy, acid, and magic mushrooms.
Those are among the new details that have been made available indicating that people involved in the case were part of a rich set of San Franciscans who did party drugs behind the closed doors of ritzy high-rises.

“We are actively investigating the background of the conduct of all the parties for the three or four days before the incident,” Paula Canny, the (former) defense attorney for Nima Momeni, sources have said.  “A common theme that I’m seeing is heavy illegal narcotics use.”

Paula Canny has since removed herself from the case and she is legally barred from telling the reason. She faced criticism for her comments stating that there were “several party drugs in Bob Lee’s system”. She famously said his system was like a “Walgreens of recreational drugs.”

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