Princess Kate Shares Personal Message for Individuals Battling Addiction

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Sharing her support, Princess Kate has offered a poignant message to anyone who has struggled with alcoholism.

“Addiction is a serious mental condition that can happen to anyone no matter what race, gender, age, or nationality. The Princess Wales. 40, said in a Youtube video on October released by “Forward Trust”.

“As Patron of The Forward Trust, I have met many people who have suffered from the effects of addiction. Attitudes to addiction are changing. But we are not there yet, and we need to be”.

The Princess is backing the Taking Action on Addiction campaign, which launched on Addiction Awareness Week. In a video message recorded at Kensington Palace, she described addiction as a “serious mental health condition” and spoke directly to those suffering to tell them, “Please do not let shame hold you back from getting the help you so desperately need…please ask for help.”

“We as a society need to recognize that the only way to help those suffering is to try and understand what has led them to addiction, to empathize with them, and to be compassionate to their struggles. And so today, during Addiction Awareness Week, I want to share a message of support to those who are continuing to suffer. Please know that addiction is not a choice. No one chooses to become an addict. I want you to know that this is also a serious health condition. Please do not let shame hold you back from getting the help you so desperately need. The charities leading the Taking Action on Addiction Campaign, along with others, are working across the country delivering life-changing work to help people recover and move forward.”


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