Friends Worry As Britney Spears Hits A Downward Spiral Amid Divorce

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It’s unclear what the relationship is with the recently divorced Britney Spears (41) and Paul Richard Soliz (37) a former housekeeper with an extensive criminal record.

The Grammy-winning singer has formed a “close bond” and has been “spending time with” Solz since her split. There is concern over the relationship according to close sources after Spears is fresh off a 14-month-long marriage.

Solz was fired from his job working with Spears but she is still choosing to spend time with him – most recently spotted going through a Starbucks drive-thru.

Siloz was apparently convicted of possession of a firearm, disturbing the peace, and child endangerment.

Spears has been in isolation from friends and family in recent months and there is still a “lot of hurt” from past issues.

Of course, anytime there are significant life changes in the life of someone who had abused alcohol and drugs in the past, there is concern of a relapse. Spears’ new memoir “The Woman In Me” comes out October 24th and may shed some light on her break from “negativity and unhealthy people”. “She was finally getting to a healthy place and Sam filed for divorce”, says a source close to the pop star.

“The Concern for Spear’s welfare right now is off the charts”, adds the source. Some fear she is heading for a dangerous downhill spiral. Her brother Bryan has been spotted at her house since the divorce.




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