Bill Cosby Facing Lawsuits After Decades of Unheard Stories

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Former television personality Bill Cosby, faces yet another lawsuit involving his spree of sexual assault. Actress Stacey Pinkerton sues Cosby for alleged S.A. in 1986, while she worked on The Cosby Show.


Cosby’s history of sex crimes tie almost entirely into his role in the entertainment industry. The former comedian and host used his leverage to promise young women, specifically actresses, larger roles, connections with the right people, etc.


Pinkerton, a 21 year old at the time, was working as a flight attendant, model, and aspiring actress, before meeting Cosby. He “promised…he could help her career by introducing her to people in New York,” and invited her to the city to be on an episode of The Cosby Show, telling her that “he would arrange everything and put her in contact with people she should know to advance her career.” The actress took Cosby’s offer to work with him in New York, where he spoiled her with loads of money and an expensive hotel suite to gain her trust. Pinkerton met with Cosby, where they filmed an episode of The Cosby Show, Although she claims her shots never made the final cut.


Stacey claims Bill arranged for them to meet again in 1986, this time in Chicago, and she says he drugged her food at dinner and then took her to a private hotel room at the Drake Hotel where he sexually assaulted her and forced her to have intercourse. She escaped hours later once Cosby was asleep, she says.


Cosby’s lawsuit mentions around 60 other women who may have been involved in the same trap, all claiming to have been sexually assaulted by the former show host.


The disgraced comedian is reportedly plotting his return to the stage in 2023, saying during a radio interview that “there’s so much fun to be had in this storytelling that I do.” Wyatt, Cosby’s rep, confirmed to Variety he was “looking at spring/summer to start touring.”

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